With the evolution in technology the gadgets are becoming more smarter and more efficient. Today we are going to review DJI’s new smarter and powerful drone. With the rapid increase in Drone market, people are becoming more and more crazy for drones. With the help of Drones people can record the videos from different angles and altitudes and that was not even possible few years ago. DJI has just launched its new beast in the market and that is named as DJI Mavic Pro.A drone which is specially designed for aerial and commercial photography and videography to boost your business. It has ability to record 4k resolution video in 3-axis. If you want a drone for photography then you don’t have to worry either because it can shoot beautiful photographs with its 12MP camera. So, enjoy your photography and videography from altitudes in different angles with DJI Mavic Pro.

Specs of DJI Mavic Pro

  1. Camera: It has 12MP Camera that is able to shoot 4k HD videos in 3-axis.
  2. Range:  It is portable yet most powerful machine with the range of 7 kilo meters. So now you can fly your personal drone 7 kilo meters away from you.
  3. Speed: It’s flight speed is 65KM/H maximum.
  4. Gimbal: 3-axis.

This drone is the smartest drone by DJI. Due to its obstacles avoidance combined with sensor, now you have more flight safety for your drone. DJI Mavic Pro is your personal powerful drone, ready to follow you anywhere you go…

Its price is $999 (only drone), but Amazon is offering its bundle pack only in $1,299.

DJI Mavic Pro Bundle Pack

Bundle pack consists of Mavic Pro drone, props, car charger, 2 extra batteries and a shoulder bag with free delivery at your door steps. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this bundle pack right now and boom your business to the next level.