The launch of apple iphone 7 was a bit disappointment for the apple fans as its design and specs were not much different from iphone 6s. But since 2017 is the year of apple iphone’s 10th anniversary and to make it more memorable, apple has announced a new design that is going to bring breakthrough in the history of iphone world. Every apple fan is just waiting for their new announced design so hard that its now becoming harder for them to wait more.

Specs of Apple iPhone 8

The rumors are heard that the new iphone release will have curved edge to edge OLED display with home button integrated in it and off course the display is coming with true tone technology. Below are the specs rumors we are hearing;

  • New iphone release will bring New Design with different coloring options.
  • Curved edge display.
  • Home button integrated in the display or may be on the back.
  • Different sizing options to make good impression on those who count sizing factors in a phone.
  • Wireless Charging.
  • Better water and dust resistance.
  • Dual lenses rear camera in vertical position integrated in the back of iphone.
  • New touch ID might come with face scanning options.
  • Better Camera. It’s been heard that you will have a DSLR quality camera on your iphone 8.
  • High Quality loud speakers.
  • Air Pods included.
  • Better and brighter display.
  • Apple’s next generation processor and a lot more to count in row.

Iphone 8 Release Date

Well, apple iphone 8 was expected to be released in august of this year but then apple delayed its release with no compromise policy and it was expected to be release in November. In recent days, apple had another announcement that iphone 8 release could be delayed to the next year because of lake of components needed to build this smart phone. So, if you are waiting for November, you might have to wait till next year.

But iphone 7s, slight changes and improvements in iphone 7 will be releasing on its announced date in the autumn. Iphone 8 price is expected to be more than $1000. According to rumors it will be the most expensive smartphone in the iphone industry.

How iphone 8 looks like?

Below is the leaked teaser of iphone 8. We don’t know if its official leaked teaser or not but it satisfies all the rumors we have been hearing so far. Watch it below and let us know in comments if you enjoyed the article.