A Review of Top San Diego Solar Power Companies

Everyone wants clean and free energy. According to the news by http://www.environmentcalifornia.org, San Diego hits the second number ranking for the top solar power potentials in the nation. Solar power is clean, free and renewable energy. It’s naturally occurring and renews over the span of time. One only needs to pay the capital cost for the solar panels installations and afterwards he will only have to bear the maintenance costs and get the free energy for life time. Most of the people in San Diego are turning to green energy by getting access to this enormous solar power. If you really care about the Environment and want to get access to this free energy then you must switch to the Solar Power because solar power in San Diego is increasing by 26% compared to the last year.

Are you confused about which companies you should contact to? Well, below is the list of top 3 San Diego Solar Power Companies.

Top 3 San Diego Solar Power Companies

  1. Sunline Energy: Sunline offers residential and commercial solar panels installations. It was launched in 2007 and so far, it has 5 star reviews by yelp, they won best services providers award recently and ranks at #55 in the World’s Solar Power residential installers. People really trust their services. They are offering variety of quotes according to your needs, so if you are looking for saving money and switching to green then you must consider visiting their website or company.

Address: Sunline Energy
7546 Trade St, San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 777-7910

  1. Semper Solaris: Here is another firm of hardworking people with 5 star solar and yelp reviews. Semper Solaris are offering residential and commercial solar panels installation and they also offer maintenance, diagnosis, and repairing services. They work in three simple steps; 1. Analysis, 2. Preparing & Installation and 3. Enjoy the renewable power. So, if you want your solar power fast, just contact them. They will be at your door steps as soon as possible. They are also running a referral campaign of refer a friend and get $550. Now you can also make money by referring this company to your friends. If you need your solar power fast or you need any solar repairing services, consider visiting this firm.

Address: Semper Solaris – San Diego Solar Corporate Office
1805 John Towers Avenue
El Cajon, CA. 92020
(619) 357-4142

  1. San Diego Home Energy Systems: SD Home Energy Systems is the group of passionate people, passionate about solar energy and sustainability. Home Energy Systems are in business for 15 years, they offer a very friendly environment to their customers. The bonus point about them is that they are offering life time solar monitoring services. So, if you choose their services, they owe you a life time monitoring service as well. They are offering multiple financing options too, so if you don’t afford to pay the whole money in first time then you must choose their other financing option. They have completed 500 project throughout the country with 4.9 solar star reviews. They also have built-in saving calculator in the website. So, if you want to go green and can’t afford the money in the first time, you must consider this company.

Address: Home Energy Systems Inc
5980 Fairmount Ave #105San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 350-0032. Money-Friday (9am-5pm)

If you are in San Diego and want to go green then must consider this list of top 3 San Diego Solar Power Companies.