According to the Uber website, Uber drivers in New York make over $30 per hour on average basis. People are really interested in making money with sharing a ride. Since you are reading through this article, so you should be interested in making money with Uber. Uber don’t really provide a lot of information on Drivers Requirements so you might be wondering what things should be taken care of while applying for Uber driver! Well, you will learn it all in this article.

Uber Driver Requirements

Anyone who knows driving and has a valid driving license can drive with Uber but there are some requirements he/she must meet.

  1. Age: You must be minimum 18 years old to become Uber Driver. However, age restrictions are dependent on locations as well. For suppose, you must be at least 21 years old if you are planning to drive with Uber in New York USA. So, it depends on locations but minimum age requirement is 18 years.
  2. Experience: You must have at least one year of driving experience with a valid driving license of your country. If you are living in USA and want to drive with Uber then you must have at least 3 years of driving experience if your age is below 23 years (18+) and one year of driving experience if your age is 23 years or above.
  3. Use an eligible vehicle: Your vehicle should not be older than 10 years. It should be 4 doors vehicle and it must pass Uber inspection test. Vehicle eligibility differs depending on locations, so it’s changed for different cities. If your vehicle does not pass Uber selection process then you can also ask Uber for a car, they will provide you after all the verifications. Uber Car Requirements are written in details on Uber website, please have a look there. And we will also cover this topic in depth in our upcoming articles.
  4. You must pass background and driving record check: Uber verifies and checks your background and driving records, if you don’t pass these checks then Uber will decline you. Normally it takes 1 week to process these checks but in rare cases it can also take 2 or 3 weeks.

Document Requirements for Uber

  1. National Identification Card: You must possess a valid CNIC identification card.
  2. Valid Driving License of the nation where you want to drive.
  3. You must provide a proof of vehicle registration.

If you are meeting all the stated requirements, then you are ready to drive with Uber. Just sign up on Uber website, share your documents with Uber for verification, get your app from Uber and start driving. That’s it. It’s really easy to sign up. Happy Driving… 😊