WannaCry Virus is trending since last Friday and the number of infected systems are increasing day by day. So far, 250,000 systems are infected in over 160 countries of the World. WannaCry Virus relates to ransomware family, it encrypts the data of a user without his permission. User don’t even know that his data is encrypted at the back-end and when the total data is encrypted a pop up appears that warns the user to pay the amount or lose the data. The price they demand is $300 worth bitcoins, and if you fail to pay $300 worth bitcoins in 3 days then the price doubles to $600 and if you do not pay this price then without any notification or warning they delete all the data in 7 days. So, if you are not connected to internet since previous Friday, count yourself the luckiest user in the cyber world.

Who WannaCry targets to???

WannaCry mostly targets to the industries who are connected to the internet, who don’t want to lose their data at any cost. Hackers know that their information is so precious and they will never lose it at any cost. It is kind of a robbery. Like traditional bank robberies thieves put a gun on head points and ask for money from manager of the bank, same way hackers put up delete option on the information and ask the owner for the money. So, who on earth will not pay $300 for the information that worth’s millions of dollars?

Who released this WannaCry Beast in the Cyber world?

Well, we don’t know yet. Hackers don’t usually reveal their identifications. They encode their names with slogans and titles like Anonymous, black horse riders, black hats, king of cyber world etc.

Is it a team work?

It is predicted that it’s a team work, after all managing to hack into several thousand systems can’t be just one mind alone. But we are not sure if it’s a team work because in this era of technology hackers are so skilled and expert and they have intelligent billion dollars’ mind so there is also the probability that this can be a one man army hacker who is managing all this. But as far as logic says that there is team behind all this chaos.

Why It is named as WannaCry?

Will you not cry if you lose your information worth of millions of dollars? Off-course anyone will want to cry if the million dollars’ information is lost. That is why it is named as WannaCry.