What could be the relation between your Smartphone and The Carbon Footprints?

As everybody knows, in our world of wildly fluctuating fuel prices and dire warnings about greenhouse gasses, we’ve all began to take stock of our energy consumption as we should.

You’ve probably heard the term “carbon footprint.”

The term carbon footprint refers to the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by each product, by each company or industry, or by each individual. What is interesting about this is that it found that mobile phone chargers, for instance accounted for between 35 – 70 kilo grams per individual per year.

Let us face it nearly every mobile phone user is guilty of leaving their smart phone on too charging overnight. Right?

You do it.

The question is: How much of that 35-70 kilo grams could you cut down by charging your mobile until it’s full and turning off the charger?

Cell phones have become extremely essential in our world today and making a carbon footprint is inevitable. So everyone should be careful about their use of cell phones because when you use fewer cell phones ultimately you will charge it after a long time and the another plus point is that the battery life of your phone will increase.

And if you put your cell phones on the charger then keep your attention on that battery level, to prevent from overcharging.

So keep reduce your carbon footprint and give your contribution to Preserve Our Planet #Earth.